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We’re experts in our field and we’re here to help you make the most out of your business.

Wally’s Social has 10+ years of sales expertise, innovative marketing strategies and employee coaching development sessions, all of which are guaranteed to help your business flourish (without breaking the bank).

Together we can plan a fully customised strategy for all your business requirements.

We promise to treat your needs like they’re our own.

Who We Are

Wally`s Social is a friendly & professional local business that is here to help you make the most out of yours. It is founded by Sales & Marketing professional, Walacy Ferreira who has over 10 years experience in his field.


We are just as passionate as you when it comes to seeing the results we both know your business can achieve, and because we understand that every business is unique, Wally’s Social have tailored packages available for each of our clients.

Whether you’re part of a small startup company working from home and needing some guidance, or part of a large organisation needing some structure, together we can grow your business, boost your sales, coach your employees and increase your brand awareness.

Sales Consultancy & Analysis

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Let Wally’s Social be the bridge between your company and its customers. We can help you maintain and grow a strong client base while providing unique and innovative solutions for your company’s needs, all while increasing the sales success of your business.

There is nothing quite as important as knowing your customers and what is making or breaking your business. Boost your profile and develop your business with a full sales analysis. I will help you understand where your business is performing better and where you may need to improve.

Coaching & Employee Development

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Wally’s Social believes there are three main strategies for improving customer retention. Which for us first and foremost, it’s to ensure that work is meaningful by making use of your employee’s strengths and potential.

 So why not invest in your employees? Their performance is critical to the overall success of your company. Wally’s Social offers courses from customer service, sales skills, social media, business analysis, cost cutting and much more depending on your business’s needs.

Social Media Strategy & Management

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Social Media, anyone can do it! But, it takes a special kind of skill to make the most of social platforms as a business. It’s time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail, but we are here to do the legwork for you! Wally’s Social can create insightful content and schedule your posts to specific audiences that you want to target, allowing you more time to focus on other valuable areas of your business.

Marketing & Branding

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Do you know what your customers want? Do you think they trust your products? When was the last time you saw a customer tweeting about your product or service? The answer to all these questions lies in Marketing. Wally’s Social can build your brand and presence locally and globally with the power of Marketing and technology.

Branding is more than just an iridescent dash of colours (AKA Logo). A strong brand will set you apart from the rest of your competitors, it builds trust with your customers. It is the face, the voice and the values of your business. Your brand represents who you are, what you believe in and how you want to be perceived by your audience. Wally’s Social can help you on your branding journey, so you can connect with your consumers both visually and emotionally.

Clients & Partners

Wally`s Social takes pride in customer satisfaction. Guiding your business and employees to reach their potential is our main objective.

Years in the Field

Having 10+ years of experience in the sales & marketing field, I thought – ‘‘What better way to create a company, than to create one which will help local businesses thrive?’’

Available Services

Whether you’re a small startup business working from home and in need of a little guidance, or part of a large corporation in need of some structure, together we can grow your business, boost your sales, coach your employees and increase your brand awareness.

“We promise to treat your needs like they’re our own.”

— Walacy Ferreira


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Great guy, very helpful and offers great training

Mel Federico-Marzan

The team at Maleras art glass gallery and online shop highly recommend Wally’s Social. Positive social media management and sales training. The best thing we ever did recruiting them.

Joyce Newman

Maleras Team, Century 21

Ha sido un placer contar con la colaboración de Walacy Ferreira en la creación y desarrollo de nuestro proyecto el cual no solo es nuestra página oficial, también es un espacio donde Wally ha sabido plasmar nuestra ideas revestidas de todo el ingenio que le caracteriza. Muchas gracias por ser parte de nuestro proyecto, por tu profesionalidad y acertados criterios.

Livan Soto Gonzalez

Wally is one of the most positive person I have ever come across. He provides practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional and personal growth. A great mentor, very inspiring, supportive an reliable, very understanding and always willing to help

Rima Bharwani

Wally brings an energy and enthusiasm to his service that is hard to find – he can motivate even the most reluctant staff member to engage on social media. Using his service has made a difference to the way we engage with our clients on social media – The Beacon Press is happy to recommend his services.

Gigi Vasquez Sene

Walacy has been a delight to work with. He has greatly helped me in my job role and given me the tools to boost my company’s exposure online. Always eager to help, reliable and efficient, during my time training with Walacy and learning about marketing, I feel I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge in this field, but I have also gained a friend

Nina Levy

A practical and easy to understand approach to sales is what you get from Wally’s sales training. If you are not smashing sales in your business, then you need to ask Wally when his next training session is!

Justin Koen

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